Bcc MDx Co.,Ltd. Is the second established business unit to bring our experience together with worldwide specialty innovation companies to our value customers. We focus in molecular human genetics market to provide the excellence healthcare prenatal/postnatal/pre-implantation and molecular oncology. The quality of the products, after sale service and the expertise consultative in molecular genetics will support our customers’ satisfaction.



The MACS Solutions portfolio of outstanding tools for the translation from basic research to therapy, addresses techniques of sample preparation, cell separation and analysis, molecular analysis, cell culture, therapeutic plasma apheresis. From research tools to GMP reagents for sophisticated applications, such as cellular therapy, the creativity of our interdisciplinary teams is reflected in the excellence of our products.


ASI develops computer-aided systems for use in diagnostics by pathology, cytogenetic and research laboratories. We provide labs with accurate, repeatable and standardized analysis of karyotyping, FISH, CISH, quantitative IHC, as well as spectral imaging for research applications.


Abbott Molecular offers an expansive line of Vysis DNA FISH probes for oncology, preimplantation, prenatal, and postnatal genetic testing and research. Abbott Molecular FISH tests provide the following advantages:

– Rapid, sensitive, and specific detection and characterization of chromosome    abnormalities.
– Ability to test metaphase chromosomes from cultured samples and          interphase   cells from specimens that cannot be cultured.

– Direct-labeled probes, as compared to indirect labeling methods, means:-

  • Less background signal, thereby simplifying interpretation
  • Reduced costs associated with labeling reagents and technician time. – Dual colored probes for most microdeletions.

Amoy Diagnostics provides state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic products and services to healthcare providers, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. The company has a rich portfolio of tests that focuses on detecting mutations and measuring gene expression in FFPE cancer tissue.


Devyser AB is specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of diagnostic kits and reagents based on DNA analytical procedures, including PCR. Our product developers and manufacturing staff are among the most experienced in the industry with well over a decade’s experience of developing and manufacturing diagnostic PCR kits.

Devyser AB operates under strict quality control protocols and has an ISO13485:2012 (medical device) certification. Products are CE-labelled according to IVDD 98/79/EC for use in in-vitro diagnostic procedures. The main areas of application for our products are prenatal diagnostics and clinical genetics.